The Veterans Group

It’s always good when friends reach out to you with a cool assignment. Lucas Carter with the American Legion based in Indiana, contacted me to document The Veterans Group in downtown Philadelphia.

The independent organization helps veterans who are in need of getting back on their feet.

Story here:

Great people.


The Veterans Group


My favorite person to travel with, aside from my beautiful wife, is my father. At 73 years young he has instilled within me a vagabond spirit. If I could have it my way, I’d live out of a camper and ping across North America in a Winnebago. Alas, coming down to earth, I reside here in Philadelphia – my 20’s a dot in the rear view mirror.

A father to two dogs and a wonderful wife, I can’t complain about life. I suppose visiting here and there will have to do and I shall save myself ridicule from modern society by NOT living in a “van down by the river.” Though somewhat secretly, I long to wander.

I digress.

On our recent adventures we decided to head to the Poconos Mountains in the Keystone State and stay in a cozy cabin – built by Amish craftsmen no less. One of my favorite stops was Bushkill Falls, “The Niagra of Pennsylvania™.” Aside from the hike, cooking steaks on the grill, fire roasted potatoes, long talks, and hours of canasta, it was all sorely needed.

After 4 years living in Florida, it’s nice to have the actual option again to be a day’s drive from family.

Hold to your loved ones, this life is wonderful, and fleeting if you blink too long.


P.S. If you want to book the cabin go here:



I had been wanting to shoot the local high school football team – Bensalem High School –  they are just down the street from me. It had been a bit since my last football game and Sunday I shoot the Eagles game and was needing a warmup so-to-speak. Little did I know, I’d walk into a thriller-of-a-matchup. It was weird not shooting for anyone and nice to just shoot for myself. I was able to stay the entire time and watch them boot the PAT for the one point win – bedlam!

Enjoy the frames.

(Note: Any parents or players wanting prints, I do offer that service. Hit me up at


Rebranding, A New Website Design 2.0, A New Blog 5.0


I’ve spent the last week and a half re-editing and rebranding my work. I needed something new and fresh. I also needed to focus my scope so other images would not drown out others. Some images old, some new, some old never really been shown, re-edits and slight tweaks can be seen throughout.

Logos are the last thing I was thinking about but I found one that I think sticks and has punch to it. I shoot bold so I thought something blocky would help convey that theme. Hope you enjoy. Here are some variants.


Next was finding the right web site portfolio to house my images. I really was on the cusp of going with Photoshelter because they are an industry leader and they had the unlimited online storage – something I haven’t seen with anyone else – and solid support. BUT I didn’t like the design of their templates, clunky back end and a touch dated feel (no knock to friends who are with them, just wasn’t my flavor). I also figured Backblaze for online storage. After researching I finally found a good fit. The company is known but was unknown to me. I’ve seen their sites for awhile but never inquired who they were. I wanted a Flash feel but HTML5 future. In the end I chose APhotoFolio. They sold me on their back end ease of use, custom designing, tutorials, live chat support (of which I used when I went live) and they answered all questions along the way. With SEVERAL speakers over the years saying Flash is dead, I ignored. However, with the advent of Chrome unable to support the Adobe product, I finally listened. So I said goodbye to NeonSky the Flash-based website. Hopefully this new site can be the last site I belong to – probably not, but let’s hope. NeonSky is awesome BUT month-to-month $45 was draining. They lead the way with LiveBooks and a few others when options were few in the mid-late 2000s. However, as other design sites have populated the digital landscape, and competition for web portfolios fierce, I finally jumped ship.

The hardest part was organizing 12 years of work. I loved/hated every minute of it. Loved seeing patterns of how I shoot and how it has evolved but hated sitting in a chair for 10 days. I wanted to look at everything, I mean I went into every toned image I have ever touched just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything – and besides everyday you get better at editing and fresh eyes can look at old work and be like, “Why didn’t I see this on the editing table back then?”  It was so much to wrap my head around.


I think what I learned most about looking at so many images was looking at what works and doesn’t. It gives me optimism how I want to push into the future. Thanks for hanging with me, the support and looking. If you reached this far, you are appreciated. If not I still love you anyway 🙂



Rebranding, A New Website Design 2.0, A New Blog 5.0

New City, New Life

Sarah recently took a job north of Philadelphia in Lawrence Township, N.J.

That said, I said goodbye to The Naples Daily News and started my freelance career.

Moving is always the most grueling, despite two years of being a professional mover in high school and college (really, the skill set has saved my hide). Packing up an entire place with two dogs, an 18-foot truck, towing a car 1,200 miles solo. SOLO – really Sarah left a month early only packing her car. I was quite literally swimming in boxes.

The offload was easy, as they usually are. But I had my aunt, uncle and cousin to help out fortunately. The neighbor helped too, climbing on board, insisting. The other neighbor gave us all cold bottled water. Talk about brotherly love.

So far it’s been slow because setting up the place which took three weeks solo (Sarah works 12-14 hours so she and I have about a couple hours quality time and she’s off to bed). I’m now in the throes of transitioning to a new website along with this new fandangled blog. I hope you all like and I hope to get my feet wet soon.

Next week I’m off to Geekfest D.C. Staying with mom to have quality time.

It’s weird not in the daily grind after 12 years of newspapering, but here’s to new adventures and hoping to land on my feet.

Let’s do this.



P.S. Above is Sarah and I playing tourist.